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Lottery Singapore

The Lottery Singapore website is the place to go if you want to check the latest results, and even play online. In addition to results, the site also has information on past draws and winning numbers. You can even deposit as much as $50,000 to play different games and have a chance of winning big.

The most popular lottery game in Singapore is the 4D. It is a digital lottery that allows you to select four numbers and place a wager. You can place large or modest bets depending on your budget, and you can also pick a specific draw date. If your chosen number wins, you win a cash prize. The cash prizes awarded depend on the rank of the numbers, with first prize being the highest.

Lottery Singapore is one of the most popular ways to spend a day. There are several different types of tickets to choose from. For example, you can choose to play Toto or 4-Digits, or pick your lucky numbers. In any case, the jackpot is worth at least S$250, and you may even win millions of dollars.

The Toto lottery in Singapore was first launched in 1968. The prize was small but still impressive, and it eventually became a progressive jackpot. The top price increased each time. A computerized version of the game was introduced on May 19, 1986. The lottery began with a 5/49 format, but this was changed to 6/42 and then 6/45 in 1998. In 2016, the game went online.