Lottery Hongkong Busted

Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Hongkong is a lottery game run by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and offers players the chance to win some fantastic prizes. Players can either play online or in participating branches of the HKJC. The prize money you can win will depend on how much you spend and the number of numbers you pick correctly. There are some special prizes that can be won throughout the year as well. The Hong Kong Jockey Club also holds a series of “Snowball Draws” during public holidays and festive seasons that feature bigger jackpots than their thrice weekly regular draws.

According to HK01, the smuggling bust was made last Wednesday after officers intercepted a vessel in waters west of Hong Kong and seized around 16,000 tickets that had been purchased for HK$330,000. They were allegedly being smuggled to mainland China and Macau for a profit. The smuggling team is believed to have bought the tickets because they were for a draw where the first prize was higher than normal at HK$24 million.

Travelers wanting to visit Hong Kong can enter the Hello Hong Kong flight ticket lottery starting March 1. The first wave of free air tickets will be awarded to people across Southeast Asia. From April 1, the lottery will open to residents of mainland China, and from May 1 it will be available to residents around the world. The tickets will be distributed in three waves and the deadline is June 15. If you’re interested in submitting your entry, visit the World of Winners international airport page to find out more.