Lottery Hongkong and Toto

Lottery Hongkong

If you’ve ever wished that you won the lottery, then you should check out Lottery Hongkong. It is a Hong Kong lottery game that is aimed at improving education. A hundred percent of the proceeds from this lottery game go to the state’s education program, with 40% being used to improve school buildings and minimize class size ratios for young children. In addition to this, the lottery will also fund school repairs, which will improve safety and increase the quality of education.

The lottery game is played with six main numbers and one bonus number. The jackpot for winning six main numbers is HK$10 million. There are also fun games for kids and grown-ups alike, including the Mark Six. The Hong Kong Jockey Club organizes the Mark Six lottery, with betting closing 15 minutes before the draw. Hong Kong lottery draws are very popular and have received worldwide recognition. There were seven numbers drawn in 2011, and six prize tiers. The jackpot is won for correctly matching 6 main numbers and one bonus number.

One game that offers a high prize pool is Toto. There are six winning numbers and an additional number called the lotus flower. Players must match three of these numbers to win. Ticket holders can purchase Toto tickets at Singapore Pools outlets and the main lottery branch. It’s important to have S$1 in your wallet to participate in this game. You can also win merchandise prizes by playing the lottery online. You can enter your e-mail address to receive lottery results.