Lottery Singapore Site

Lottery Singapore is a lottery that gives its players a chance to win big. There are many different games to choose from. Purchasing a lot of tickets will increase your chances of winning.

The lottery is hosted by Singapore Pools. They offer a variety of ways to win, including their popular Toto. You can purchase tickets at any of their outlets. You can also find lottery results on their website. You can use their QuickPick facility to pick a few numbers, which will match you with a jackpot. This option is similar to the Lucky Dip in some US lottery games.

The Singapore Toto Lotto has a jackpot that starts at SGD$500,000. It also offers a rollover prize if you don’t win. Currently, the odds of winning are one in 13,987,816, which is pretty high. You can play with friends and family to increase your odds.

The Singapore Toto Lotto is available in two formats: 6/49 and 6/42. In the last few years, it has increased its prize to SGD$1 million and SGD$500,000.

The game has become very popular. It’s known for its easy gameplay, high payouts and diverse gameplay. You can buy Toto tickets from any Singapore Pools outlet.

In April 2015, Toto was the second most popular gambling activity in Singapore. It also had the largest jackpot of the year at SGD$16 million.

The Singapore Toto Lotto first started in 1968. It is the country’s only legal lottery. The ticket cost a dollar, including GST. The prize amounts vary depending on the number of numbers you get.