Hong Kong Lottery – Get a Free Flight to Hong Kong

Lottery Hongkong

In a bid to get tourists back into the city, the Hong Kong government is giving away free tickets for air travel. They’ll be available through lottery in three waves: one for travelers from Southeast Asia, another for those in mainland China, and a third for international travel.

The giveaway is a part of an effort to boost tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic significantly diminished global travel. While mandatory quarantine on arrival was removed in September 2022 and the border with mainland China opened in January, Hong Kong’s lingering travel restrictions have been a drag on the economy.

To get a free ticket, you need to enter the flight lottery on World of Winners starting March 1. The airline tickets are spread across Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines.

Those who win will be offered free economy-class flights to Hong Kong. They will also be given a “Hong Kong Goodies” voucher when they arrive in the city that can be used to cover the cost of local transport, accommodation and tourist attractions.

There are seven prize levels in the Hong Kong Lottery and you can win by picking 6 numbers from a pool of 1 to 49. The odds of pulling all six winning numbers are one in 13,983,816.

The lottery also has special “Snowball” draws throughout the year, which have bigger jackpots than thrice weekly matches. Funds from these special draws go towards the creation of a Snowball Pool, which then increases the jackpot even further.